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Author: Adrian Collins

Top 10 Best DSLR Cameras of 2023

One of the biggest developments using technology is the improvement of cameras. In the past, you have to use large box equipment to capture an image. Nowadays, DSLR cameras can perfectly fit in your hands and you can bring it wherever you go. Moreover, you can now edit it directly on the camera or post it on your social media page using its built-in Wi-Fi. Below is the list of the latest and advanced DSLR cameras that people prefer to use. 10. Polaroid IS2132   One of the best DSLR cameras is the Polaroid IS2132 with D-SLR body style...

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Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets of 2023

Virtual reality headset is a device aimed to provide an immersive virtual experience in watching videos or playing games. It is a revolutionary technology that aims to change gaming and entertainment industry. VR headset consists of a stereoscopic head-mounted display and head motion tracking sensors, which may include gyroscopes, accelerometers, and structured light systems. Some devices also include headphones, eye tracking sensors, and gaming controllers. The first headset was launched during the 1990s but was unsuccessful due to primitive technology. In 2012, Oculus Rift started a new era and initiated the development of several VR headsets in the market....

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Top 10 Best HD Security Cameras of 2023

A security camera serves one primary purpose is to help you protect the things that matter most. Video surveillance plays a major role in reducing theft and preventing crime. Advances to video monitoring technology and wireless compatibility have made it possible to keep an eye on your most precious items from almost anywhere. The surveillance includes watching your beloved ones in your absence, taking care of your home and premises while you are away, keep on sending security alerts and video clips to your PC or Mobile phones, etc. This kind of security surveillance let you have a full...

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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Floating Speakers of 2023

With the technology advancing, it might not be an exaggeration to say that gadgets have become smarter than man. When Phones shed their wires, evolved smartphones and so have smart wireless speakers.  From the tiny sounding boxes just outdoing your phone’s inbuilt speaker to the huge trembling monsters, Bluetooth speakers have evolved tremendously. One of the latest gadgets that we oftentimes use today are Bluetooth speakers. The same technology is being used to supply power to the speaker, but there is something peculiar about them that makes them even more fascinating. Using magnets and charging technology, most of the...

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Top 10 Best Portable Power Banks for Cell Phones of 2023

In this modern world, we greatly depend on digital devices from smart phones to iPhones not just for making calls, but also for a number of benefits such as taking pictures, editing files, surfing the internet, accessing geolocation, and a lot more. Indeed, these digital devices have become multifunctional devices, but the higher the performance, the faster the battery drains. We cannot enjoy all of its functions anytime if we do not have portable power banks. If you do not have it yet, here are the 10 best portable power banks for cell phones in 2016: 10. The Anker Astro...

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