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Author: Hassan Honigmann

Top 10 Best Car Steering Wheel Covers of 2024

Cars are expensive. Thus, owners do everything they can to protect and take care of their property. They pay attention even to the smallest details and buy essential gears that will protect parts of their cars. The steering wheel is one of the most important parts of a car. It is responsible for controlling the direction of the vehicle. Thus, taking care of it is essential and one way to do it is buying your car a new steering wheel cover. There are different materials that you can choose from if you are searching for a cover, such as...

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Top 10 Best Windshield Sunshades for Cars of 2024

During the summer, our biggest enemy is the blistering heat of the sun. If you are not careful, you can experience heat stress and even heat stroke. But did you know that your car is also affected by too much heat? While we are outside, we can’t wait to get inside our cars and blast our air conditioner to the lowest temperature. However, your car is not safe from the heat of the sun. Your car acts like a greenhouse and heats up objects in the car including the dashboard, the seats, steering wheel, and other objects that can...

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Top 10 Best Automotive Floor Jacks of 2024

A jack is a mechanical device that is used for lifting a heavy load or applying great forces. Generally, this equipment is rated based on its maximum lifting capacity. There are different kinds of jacks: Floor jacks – often referred to as hydraulic, garage, trolley, or service jack. This is best suited to a garage or workshop due to its large weight and size. Scissors jacks – also known as jackscrew due to the way it works. It is the common type of jack that comes with your car. This is lightweight and reasonably small that makes them easy...

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Top 10 Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauges of 2024

Before you travel and use your vehicle, it is important to check everything before you use it. One of the important things you need to check is your tire pressure. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), under-inflated tires are the leading cause of tire failure, which accounts for 660 fatalities and 33,000 injuries of the motorists. Thus, correct tire pressure matters. Many car owners are planning road trips but before you travel, you should follow a three-point checklist that will help maintain optimal safety on the road and help the environment by increasing fuel efficiency. Check...

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Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers of 2024

A car is one of the most expensive possessions that you can have. Nowadays, some people deemed it as a necessity rather than a luxury. Thus, we are inclined to protect our car and keep it in good condition for a very long time. One of the ways to take care of your car is by installing car seat covers. It protects the seat from various elements that contribute to the breakdown of the material used to make the seat. There are several types of materials used for car seat covers including sheepskin, cloth, neoprene, ballistic nylon, velour, leather,...

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