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Author: Adrian Collins

Top 10 Best iPhone 6S Fisheye Lens of 2024

Not all people find fisheye photos as creative and beautiful because they experience dizziness just by looking at it. However, photo and camera enthusiasts use it to produce creative shots. The fisheye lens was originally used for meteorological purposes. However, it is now used by people in creative ways of shooting photos. This kind of lens lets photographers have an extreme wide angle so that they can create panoramic or hemispherical photos. As a result, people are able to see photos in a different point of view. Here is our list of top 10 best iPhone 6S fisheye lens:...

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Top 10 Best iPhone 6S Bike Mounts of 2024

Riding your bike means you have to put your phone inside your pocket or bag. This is a major hassle, especially if you need to answer an incoming call, respond to a text message, or take a photo of the beautiful scenery in front of you. To help you in fastening your iPhone 6S, here is our list of top 10 best iPhone 6S bike mounts. In addition, using these bike mounts will help you record your biking trips, take photos, easily get the directions for your destinations, monitor your daily activities using iPhone health apps, and access other...

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Top 10 Best Pen Camera of 2024

One of the most innovative inventions that we have today is a spy pen camera. It could be used to take pictures and record videos as well as audios discreetly. Since it is handy and small, it can easily be brought anywhere we may go. In fact, not only can investigators and police officers use this kind of item, but as ordinary individuals, we can use it too for our protection. Here is the list of best pen cameras in the market today.  1. Generic® Pen Camera DVR Audio Video MINI Hidden Camera Recorder ☆ 100% concealed☆ It can...

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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases & Covers of 2024

Samsung is one of the largest and famous companies that produce latest gadgets in the market. Included in their lines of smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It can be argued that Samsung’s Note series started the trend of having large screens on smartphones and the term ‘phablet’ (a combination of phone and tablet) started together with the first Note device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the proof that the company is continuously improving their devices. It has the latest technology in camera, operating system, memory, sensors, and connections. Due to this, it is expected to be...

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Top 10 Best iPad Mini Cases and Covers of 2024

  People would always go crazy for Apple products, from iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and so many others. It is not a surprise since the devices that they produce have cutting-edge technology and every time they release a new product, there is always a new feature that they would present. But one must be careful when handling Apple products because just like other devices, many things can cause damage to it. One of the hottest products they have is the iPad Mini and here are the best cases and covers for this device.   10. Pelican ProGear Vault Series...

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