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Top 10 Stainless Steel Trash Cans of 2024

Top 10 Stainless Steel Trash Cans of 2024

While the type of trash can that we oftentimes use to complement our home decor may not be something that we commonly give much attention to, we always choose an accent that could complete the style of our interior design.

Whether we want to have an elegant stainless steel with a rounded style of receptacle or a less trendy plastic alternative that is commonly used in homes, the choice still depends on us and it is just as crucial in completing the look of a room that can complement in the paint colors that we spent months agonizing over. Our attention to even the smallest details could make a statement about our personal taste and personality. Undoubtedly, we always want our style to be described as one of high-end and premium quality.

Stainless steel is the only style of trash cans that is versatile enough to match the decor of almost any room in our home, as well as it gives the appearance of elegance to an object typically associated with waste products. If we are on a budget, as most people are, it is tempting to choose a less classy plastic bin to house our garbage, but it is not necessary! With these ten models of stainless steel trash cans that are both affordable and visually pleasing, you would want to buy them. Here are the top ten stainless steel trash cans from the 2016 lines.


10. Bennett “Swivel-A- Lid” Trash Can


10. Bennett Swivel-A- Lid Trash Can

The Bennett “Swivel-A-Lid” trash can is the prime example of quality being what you pay for it. While this model is more expensive than some of its similar counterparts, it is essentially the Mercedes-Benz of trash cans. Functionality meets design to create this flawless, eye-catching container. The small details, such as the brass tones integrated within the brushed stainless steel finish, are what really makes this the choice for those looking to replace their run-of-the-mill trash can with something more sophisticated.

It has all the bells and whistles too. The hourglass-like shape allows for this model to easily fit into spacesa that its outdated predecessors cannot. The swing lid feature allows for easy disposal with just a nudge, making it great for this generations busy multitaskers who can’t be bothered to free up both hands in order to toss out a paper here and there. In short, the Bennett “Swivel-A-Lid” trash can receive the highest ranking for the most outstanding choice for areas such as a home office that requires a more compact, but still stylish option for their disposal needs.


9. Tramontina Step on Waste Can


9. Tramontina Step on Waste Can

An excellent choice for someone who wants a large bin for kitchen use is the Tramontina Step on Waste Can. With 13 gallon capacity, this model is undoubtedly built decently and gorgeously. And as the name suggests, this kind of waste can is made out of a stainless steel with a matte finish. It means that it cannot be a finger print magnet. It has a foot activated lever that could lift the lid. It also has plastic elements on the bottom side, which does not really affect its raw metallic feature.


8. Nine Stars DZT-50-6 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can


8. Nine Stars DZT-50-6 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

A trash can with interesting aspects that is increasingly prominent now is the Nine Stars DZT-50-6 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can. Although many are still not aware of this model, this steel trash can is one of a kind. With a built-in infrared sensor, it can detect if someone approaches it and lifts the lid. Because it is somewhat tall with a large capacity of 13 gallons, this is not really recommended for office use. It can be placed in the kitchen, yet a lot of fingerprints will be attracted by its glossy finish.


7. Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can


7. simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

With a huge choice of products of premium housewares, the simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can is seemingly the best.  It is an excellent choice for someone who do not want to spend more. It has a simple design, so it can fit anywhere, even if it be placed against a matte finish and a wall.

This kind of trash can is made up of high quality stainless still which is finger proof finish. It has a small foot pedal that lifts the lid. It is one of the best models that has a 10 year warranty, which only explains why it is so costly.


6. Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can


6. simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can

Since simplehuman butterfly step trash has a different design, it makes it fairly unique. It does not only have a rectangular shape, but it also comes with a lid that opens from the center, leaving a widespread opening that makes it not difficult to handle.


It has a slim design that makes it fit anywhere around an office or a house. It is finished with a matte stainless steel, which allows it to be shielded against fingerprints. On the other hand, the pedal, which allows the lid to be opened, utilizes resilient parts that guarantees it to survive the test of time.


5. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can


5. Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

It is quite confusing to determine DZT-50-6 and DZT-50-9 trash, by merely looking at the name, but, the truth is, they are not the same products. Made out of the amazing infrared technology, the DZT-50-9 allows the lid to be roughly sealed, which prevents it to emit nasty odor from escaping the trash can.

Consisting of a high quality stainless steel and a few plastic elements, the model allows for an anti-fingerprint finish. There is no need for us to open it manually, since it has no foot pedal just like other models, rather its lid is lifted automatically.


4. Brelso ‘Invisi-Overlap’ Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can

 4. Brelso ‘Invisi-Overlap’ Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can

The cost of other stainless steel trash cans seemed to be overpriced, except for the Brelso ‘Invisi-Overlap’ Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can, a simple trash with a brushed finish and covered with a full stainless steel body. Its finish keeps the fingerprints away, which makes it great for office and home use.

It is made to be durable, without compromising its elegance. With an exterior overlap, bags could be hidden, which is a great way to maintain its stylish look.


3. Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can


3. simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can

One of their most affordable models that we have is the simplehuman mini round step trash can.  All of the brand’s models seemed to have a hefty price tag, but it is obvious because their size is ever larger. But it is different with this Mini Round Step trash can, since it is compact, small, and well built. This kind of model is recommended to be used in an office environment due to its small size.

Just like the others, it also has a full stainless steel body. The finish used on the trash can does not allow finger prints to retain in it, while the steel pedal is made to be quite resilient.


2. Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can

 2. simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can

An ideal product which comes with a premium build quality and a reasonable price tag is the simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can. Comparing it with other models from the brand of the trash can, all of it have the same durability although this rectangular step trash can has a plastic lid with some plastic elements in the bottom. Its entire body is also made out of stainless steel.

But, even if the lid of the model is created with plastic, it is fairly dent-resistant and durable. It has an internal hinge that allows it to be placed against the wall.


1. Simplehuman Slim Rectangular Touch-Bar Trash Can

 1. simplehuman Slim Rectangular Touch-Bar trash can

A stylish model that can be used at home, at the office, and in a more commercial environment is the simplehuman Slim Rectangular Touch-Bar trash can. Its design allows it to be complemented with a high class decorative element. In just a simple tap, its lid could open immediately.

It has a simple system which completely keeps the plastic bag inside and it is one of its key aspects. It is made out of a brushed stainless steel, preventing it from being a finger print magnet.


It seemed to be surprising, but trash cans can be fancy too. One of the biggest manufacturers of stainless steel trash can is Simplehuman. It may dominate the market, but there are many choices to choose from. While their price point is slightly more than the plastic discount store model, the extra expense is more than made-up for with durability, aesthetics, and features.

Instead of buying yet another cheap plastic trash receptacle that you’ll undoubtedly have to replace more than once, take a look at the stainless steel models listed above. Consider which features work best for each and every environment. Then choose that one which you will love after the long-haul. With the durability of a stainless steel trash can, there is no doubt of having a trash can with quadrupled lifespan compared to a cheap eyesore that you keep on replacing every time.

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    our family have a small country restaurant and the Brelso ‘Invisi-Overlap’ Open Top Stainless Steel Trash Can is a very practical choice. The size is perfect, and the the bin can be easily washed.

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    The Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can is really hygienic. You simply step on thelever and the lid just opens without a fuss. Cool!

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