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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2024

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2024

It is always recommended to use helmets to avoid up to 80% of head injuries. Helmets are pivotal for our safety, to protect our life during the daily motorcycle ride. Most of our government are already implementing stringent rules to make the usage of helmets mandatory both in rural and urban areas. Before buying bike we should buy helmet which is the main item in the shopping list. Each and every one should buy at least one. Numerous styles of helmets are available in the market yet, every helmet serves the same purpose- safety. Among the various helmets, here are the 10 best motorcycle helmets of 2016.


10. Bell Sanction/Downhill Motorcycle Helmet

 10. Bell Sanction Downhill Motorcycle Helmet

For bikers who want to ride outside the city, bell sanction or known as downhill motorcycle helmet is the perfect choice for them. It is made up of lightweight polycarbonate with a hard full face built and downhill endured. The model is made of a special quality that aides in protecting the rider from the heat during the summer days, especially with its fully vented feature. It is available in market with different logos and six various colors.


9. Full Faced Duke Matte Black Helmet

 9. Full Faced Duke Matte Black Helmet

This helmet will provide maximum protection in a visually appealing design and form factor. It is available with full black color and each is covered with aerodynamic shell, constructed using a light weighted poly alloy. Because of this feature, it is little bit costly along with a solid construction. Together with the helmet, it is provided with carrying bag and two visors- clear and tinted. It has 7 points of ventilation with rear and forehead vents.


8. Bell Rogue Helmet

 8. Bell Rogue Helmet

Rogue helmet is from Bell Company with an excellent classic design for bikers with own choppers or just the same kind of motorcycles. It is comfortable and easy to have with its lightweight composite shell. Muzzle can be adjustable to fit the rider and it can also be removed easily and completely if needed urgently. The only downfall on this model is its high cost. It has a lock magnetic connection which makes it easier to put on and take off the muzzle.


7. Fuel Helmets Half Helmet SH-HHFL66 HH Series

 7. Fuel Helmets Half Helmet SH-HHFL66 HH Series

It is one of the top rated brand of helmet with a reasonable cost. This Fuel Helmets Half Helmet SH-HHFL66 HH Series is colored black with a UV clear coated paint and available to all the buyers. This is made to fit on multiple head sizes. Separate goggles can be used since it does not have any visors when bought. It is of low profile design, but it is allowed by the DOT. Plus, it has a color matched screw on style visor.


6. Full-Face BILT Techno Bluetooth Helmet

 6.Full-Face BILT Techno Bluetooth Helmet

As for the expectations of most bikers, the BLIT Techno helmet has been offered with built in Bluetooth headset that can be linked to our smartphones. It also has a double visor. It is built of full face protection with light polycarbonate shell of high tech injection that are available in 4 different colors. Unfortunately, the design is same for all the colors. With the Bluetooth feature, mobile phone communication and MP3 audio playback facilities are provided to the user. Quality metallic paint with double lacquer is facilitated to the helmet.


5. GM54S GMax Modular Street Helmet

 5. GM54S GMax Modular Street Helmet

GMax company mage GM54S series helmet is mainly designed for the riders in the city. It is provided with jaw mechanism which can be opened in a single push. It is flexible to carry and it weighs less, even though it looks large.  The company designers created break kit for the helmet which activate a LED light every time breaks are being used.


4. Full face Vega X888 Helmet

 4.Full face Vega X888 Helmet

It is an excellent designed helmet which can be used on any occasion. Removable visor is a major feature of Full face Vega X888 Helmet and it is mainly preferable to endure both rural riders and city riders. It is available with 9 different shield options -tints, mirrors, and anti-fog- and it is made up of special polycarbonate with light weight feature.

This helmet could bring comfort to the bikers with its anti-microbial fabric arranged internally. This design does not only meets, but also exceeds the US DOT standard. Chin, forehead, mouth, and rear vents could be provided with proper ventilation. All Vega products have a 1 year defect warranty which excludes wear and tear, any modification made by the user, improper use or abuse, and crash damage.


3. Full Face Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016

 3.Full Face Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016

This Full Face Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 is a light weight helmet with an aerodynamic feature. The duel vented diffuser attached therein allows for maximum airflow and the removable cheek pads permits for easy cleaning. It is featured with light form factor and it mainly designed for city riders for full protection. It provides excellent security and flexibility with its thermoplastic shell and quick release shield. The design of the helmet allows great airflow that secures the user against the heat inside the helm. This design is DOT approved.


2. HJC Helmets CL-33

 2.HJC Helmets CL-33

If anyone is looking for a light weight helmet that provides full face protection, the HJC helmet CL-33 is the best choice. If is comfortable to wear and it has a clear visor and a polycarbonate shell. It also has a multi stage vent system. The helmet shield is large enough to cover a large face and it protects the rider from the harmful rays of UV light during hot summer days. It is properly ventilated internally with 4 air intakes and it also comes with a crown pad which can be removable and washed easily. It is also DOT approved.


1. IV2 “BIOHAZARD” Matte Black High Performance Motocross

 1.IV2 “BIOHAZARD” Matte Black High Performance Motocross

This IV2 “BIOHAZARD” Matte Black High Performance Motocross is an affordable helmet that provides full face covering and absorption shell. It has a removable interior with a ventilation system that guarantees comfort for the rider and it is also washable. It has a sun visor that could be managed easily with a touch feature. It has a unique look, painted with green decals. Its size, prices, and shapes vary since there is no single helmet that could make the riders feel comfortable in all seasons. It is equipped with stainless steel Dual D-Rings strap with button.


The prices, shapes, and sizes of motorcycle helmets differ in many ways and there is no single model that is generally accepted and could work for any rider in any situation. In the end, it is still crucial to consider personal preference and as well as necessity for the rider’s motorcycle. The above list of helmets provides the best helmets which are unique and also difficult to tell which is best among the 10 helmets for any type of rider.

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